Unlock Form Data: Formidable and Webhooks by Zapier

Want to send Formidable form data using Zapier? If you’re using WordPress and Formidable forms, then you will likely find this guide helpful. This quick how-to guide walks you through easily sending your form data to other apps and services.


  • When someone submits a form, add the entry to Google Sheets
  • When someone updates an entry, add a new line to a DropBox text file
  • When someone creates an entry, add a row to a PostgreSQL database

The options are really only limited to the available apps in Zapier.

What You Need

  • WordPress site
  • Formidable Pro plugin
  • Formidable API plugin
  • Zapier account

How It Works

  1. Go to Form you want to collect reporting data from
  2. Add a Form Action to form in Settings -> Form Actions
  3. Select the action “Send API data”
  4. Click the “Insert Default” button for Data Format in your “Send API data” form action
  5. For “Trigger this action”, select “Create” and “Update” in the form action
  6. Log into Zapier, and click “Make a Zap”
  7. Select Webhooks by Zapier
  8. For Trigger, select “Catch Hook” and Continue
  9. Just skip the optional “Pick off a child key” by clicking Continue
  10. Copy the Webhook URL provided by Zapier
  11. Paste this webhook URL into my “Send API data” form action in the Notification URL field
    notification_url_formidable (1)
  12. Click Continue in Zapier and then select your action app (e.g., Excel, Google Sheets, MySQL, etc.)
  13. Create a test entry in Formidable
  14. Do the necessary mapping
  15. Turn the Zap to On

That’s it.


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