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Team: Chem-E-Car Design Team


The main objective of ChemE Car is to design and construct a car (roughly the size of a shoe box) that propels itself on a chemical reaction, stops itself on a chemical reaction, or both. The car must have the power to travel a specified distance and the versatility to hold different weights. The construction of each vehicle involves tying together principles from not only chemical engineering, but also the electrical, mechanical and bioengineering fields. Creating a reliable and accurate car requires close attention to detail from conception of ideas to construction and ultimately the collection and analysis of data.

Kelsey Granger

Team Members

  • Jeffrey Vitek
  • Roy Sun
  • Vishnu Joshi
  • Alex Ozbolt
  • Kevin Chudy
  • Soumit Roy
  • Sarah Gooley
  • Gaby Carter
  • Roberto Jarin
  • Antara Raisa
  • Sara Weill
  • Victoria Qu
  • Sapan Patel
  • Samuel Kim
  • Tony Jung
  • Armstrong Gbessagee

Here are two photos of our car. One with the propulsion mechanism (right) and one with the stopping mechanism (left).

Demonstration of our car moving and stopping. As well as a short powerpoint presentation on our mechanisms.

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On March 5, 2021

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