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Team: Independent Design: Dante Basile

Program: [308]

Computer simulation of electrical conduction in the heart’s atrium is essential to computer guided ablation treatment for the cardiac disease atrial fibrillation (AF). Ablation is the clinically accepted method for electrically isolating high-risk areas of the heart in order to stop the propagation of AF. The direct results of this electrical simulation are complex. Expert interpretation is required to extract the elements that can be used to guide cardiac ablation procedures. Integration of groundbreaking deep learning technology with proven graph theory-based methods could automate this step and create a seamlessly automated pipeline from clinical MRI segmentation to information ready for use by clinicians in the ablation procedure. This approach enhances the reliability and efficiency of computer-generated patient-specific cardiac ablation procedures.

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[if 303 not_equal=””][/if 303]Rheeda Ali, MEng, PhD
[if 303 not_equal=””][/if 303]Ryan Bradley, PhD

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