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Team: Team CDMI

Program: [308]

In Spring 2021, the Center for Digital and Media Initiatives completed a redesign of an existing ECE lab to allow flexible remote course delivery. We used a course model known as HyFlex in which each course is built to give students a choice to attend either in person or online. By lightly re-configuring the built environment and supplementing the existing processes with scene-based AV control, the lab can now seamlessly switch between 10 different document cameras, as well as the main camera room camera.

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Additional Project Information

The instructional studio design presented in this document was created under a scenario that required adaptability for different spaces, flexible content sharing, and a central interface for controlling and recording live online courses. Specifically we were asked to create 35 studios in two months for rooms that ranged from 10×10 to 35×20 with different

  • ceiling height,
  • lighting,
  • and acoustics.

These studios would not be permanent installations in the room and might move by the next semester. In addition, ongoing studio support would be provided by the school’s IT group, which meant using equipment that was familiar to their team. Leaning on prior experience delivering live courses from the Applied Physics Laboratory, we partnered with Johns Hopkins Engineering faculty to envision a new approach to live online course delivery.

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Student demonstrating circuit in Barton 123 lab on the Homewood campus

For the fall 2020 semester, we’re introducing new tools and technology to provide an interactive, intuitive teaching and learning environment and enhance the Johns Hopkins Engineering educational experience.

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