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Team: Meniscus V2

Program: [308]

Due to the need for a long-term treatment for degenerative meniscal tears, our team has engineered a product to replace the native meniscus that replicates most of its natural properties. Our solution, the Meniscus V2, enhances a commonly used implant material, polycarbonate urethane, by incorporating poly-epsilon-caprolactone as a mixed polymer. The outside of the implant will form a pore scaffold structure that can be vascularized, allowing increased stability relative to previous attempts at meniscus implants. Furthermore, the Meniscus V2 will be made using a heat resistant 3D-printed mold and tailored to the specific geometry of each patient’s knee. The molten polymers will be injected into the molds using mixing nozzles that control the concentration to create the desired linear gradient.

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